Saturday, January 22, 2011

Richard Dawkins was NOT stumped by a creationist's question

Creationists like to pretend that they stumped "the great Richard Dawkins." But they didn't. As usual, they are not being truthful. It's amazing that so many Christians will tell lies to promote their false truth!

Here is the actual video footage.  You'll see this propagated through TONS of creationist websites. has already debunked this nonsense in a variety of ways.  Here's the key information:



  1. According to Dawkins, he paused because the question revealed that the interviewers were creationists, that he had been duped about their motives. He paused to think about how to handle them, and the change of subject occurred due to the several minutes when he confronted them being omitted from the video (Dawkins 2003).
  2. The question is equivalent to asking how complexity could evolve, which Dawkins has covered in at least four books (The Blind WatchmakerRiver Out of EdenClimbing Mount Improbable, and A Devil's Chaplain). He has answered the question at great length.
  3. The ability of a single person to answer a question is largely irrelevant. The scientific literature is rife with examples of information increasing.


Unfortunately, the original citation to point number 1 on the TalkOrigins site has been assigned a new URL.  Here it is.

Let me explain the significance of this link:  Richard Dawkins has provided an answer about increasing information in the genome.  I won't restate his whole article, because you really should read it yourself.

But to be clear:  Richard Dawkins has ANSWERED how information can be added to the genome.


  1. This WAS the question:‘Can you give an example of a genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the information in the genome?’, a question that he was asked on two separate occasions on the day.He did not,so,Could you give ONE example of a genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the information in the genome? (One species becoming another species)?Give me one example only ,this will be satisfying.

    1. There are a grand total of .....nil, zilch, zip, none.Evolution is going in the wrong direction, mutations only re-organise existing info,loss of function and loss of information are the results.Microbes to man ain't happening.

    2. You did not even click on the links and read them did you?

  2. He answered saying that this change /transfer of information
    could be seen millions of years ago in species. However evolution continues doesn't it ? So why can't we see this change in information today ???

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  4. Richard Dawkins is a devil and whoever created this page defends devils. If you are a real free thinker and truth seeker, find TAC TIMES on youtube.