Sunday, March 13, 2011

Watch out! Record number of creationism bills in 2011

Yes, there is a record number of creationism bills being introduced in 2011, and it's still the early part of the year!  Religious Dispatches has the story here.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

No one ever found Noah's Ark

The hard-core fundamentalists love forwarding links to sites like this one, alleging to provide archeological proof of various fantasies from The Bible -- such as Noah's Ark.

Here is a good resource for understanding the bunk behind these alleged findings.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why do creationists distance themselves from flat-earthers?

Firstly, let's remember that creationists say they take the bible literally.  Well, what about all the evidence in the bible that supports a flat earth?  And in the event you did not know -- the flat-earthers are not a novel piece of ancient history.  No!  They are still active.  You can see their website here!

"Teaching the Controversy" is total nonsense.

This is the first I've heard of creationists attempting to push bunk science masquerading as "Intelligent Design" into Ohio's public schools. Since I'm from Cincinnati, this struck me, and I thought it even more interesting because the TalkOrigins web page features an article from the Cincinnati Enquirer in 2002 as emblematic of the creationist perspective, along with details for debunking that nonsense.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why is evolution called a "theory"?

Here is the big secret creationists don't want you to know:  the word "theory" has a different definition when used in science than when used in casual conversation!  So why is evolution a "theory"?  Well, it's not... Not really.  It is a fact, in terms of what is plainly observable.  It's pretty easy to understand the terminology, which means creationists who try to make people confused about this word are dishonest!

Correcting the Creationists' broken record...

Go to a search engine and type in the phrase "Richard Dawkins stumped by creationists' question."  You will find tons of sites that purport to show Dawkins not being able to answer a crazy question posed by creationists.  In this recent item, I showed how the creationists are completely full of it.  Now, I'm going to contact tons of these sites to see if they'll set the record straight.  I mean, they are Christians, so they won't want to lie on purpose, right?

Richard Dawkins was NOT stumped by a creationist's question

Creationists like to pretend that they stumped "the great Richard Dawkins." But they didn't. As usual, they are not being truthful. It's amazing that so many Christians will tell lies to promote their false truth!

There ARE transitional fossils

Creationists love to pretend there are no "transitional fossils." See for yourself. But they are lying. It's maddening.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Light speed should be a deal breaker

But of course the creationists go through all kinds of contortions to attempt to discredit something that threatens their worldview.

Debunking Creationism...

Have you seen the TalkOrigins web site? They have a great resource, showcasing TONS of claims by creationists, and then documenting why they are complete nonsense.

An atheist answers a creationist's concerns.

I met a creationist online. He says "atheism" cannot answer any of the below. So I'll answer them.

-Why I Am here.

You are here because you are lucky enough to live on a very unlikely planet where very unlikely life evolved in quite an unlikely manner to the point that it became conscious of the fact and considered it. How exciting!

The TAG argument is nonsense

Never heard of the TAG argument? See it here:

Here is the goofiest part. I'll put it in bold, and then my argument in regular font.

Logical Absolutes are not dependent on the material world.

Yes they are.

1. Logical Absolutes are not found in atoms, motion, heat, under rocks, etc.

Well, not when you say it like that. But when you find an "atom," you did not find "not-an-atom." More on this concept below.